10 January 2011

The Quote Book

We have lots of pix of the kid, but no proper baby book. This could be related to the fact that he was the non-sleepingest baby in all the land. But we do have something else: The Quote Book.

We don't make new entries as often as we once did, but it's still in use. Basically, it is a blank book (that we won at someone else's baby shower) in which we have recorded, with dates, various funny (or sweet) things the kid has said. Or, early on, that people said to or about him. Mark occasionally adds cartoons.

Some samples:

I suppose babies are like small mountain villages in the sky. They allow us to breathe the clouds.
--Guido Vermeulen

...and I hope your baby is Y2K compliant.
--Tony Gervais

He's like...a little person.
--Bill Whipple

--the Kid, first word (this)

--1st story, 6/7/2001

Plane crashed. Into da truck. No-no. Plane crashed into da Pentagon.
--the Kid, 9/20/2001

Come on, Redford. You can do it. You're a big furry dog.
--the Kid, 1/28/2002

If I smell a dragon, it could be awfully smelly! If dragons get into a train's boiler, it could cause trouble!
--the Kid, 6/30/2002

And so on.

Up to tonight. He's almost 12 now.

You'd ground me forever for not practicing my saxophone ONCE. Sounds really fair. Also sounds like you're bluffing.
---the Kid, 1/10/2011

Okay, fine, he's right.

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