20 January 2009

I loved

that bit when our President and First Lady (!!!) were dancing at the Home State Ball, and he gave her a little twirl, and she shrugged and kind of rolled her eyes like, "Can you believe what a cornball this guy is?" That was cute.

10 January 2009

There are

a lot of thing that bring me to tears.

This is one.

05 January 2009

My awesome day

commenced with a twenty-minute session of driveway-digging. I quit a few feet from the end, figuring that I would have enough momentum to get through the last bit, even in reverse. This was a faulty assumption, as I slid a little, and wedged the passenger side of the car up against the street-side snow bank. Also, it was totally high-centered. I called work to say I would be late. My husband came out to help dig and push, and after lots of laying on the ground, scraping snow out from under the car with the shovel, and multiple attempts, we got me out of the driveway and started down our rather large hill. I nearly buried the vehicle again, but recovered. Also, did I mention that I'd turned off the defroster while we did all the digging, and couldn't see much at all? Narrowly avoided a pack of wee dogs running in the street. Barreled around the corner and gunned it, but the plow hadn't been anywhere near, and I high-centered my dear little CR-V once more, well and truly. Neighbor gal got dropped off at her house; I asked for a shovel. She provided two, plus her husband and their snowblower. We got me out, again, and as I approached the end of the street, I knew I couldn't stop without getting stuck YET AGAIN, so I prayed and hit the accelerator. The main road had been plowed, and was passable. I got to work, an hour late, soaking wet, and sore. Happy Monday!!

01 January 2009

I had a dream

in which we were moving to a new house (no plans to do so, relax, kid), and though we had presumably gone through the entire purchasing process, I kept discovering rooms in it. For instance, we were debating whether a walk-in closet could be configured into a studio space for Mark, when, HEY! Look here! There's another room.

Also, the kitchen had a salad bar in the center island, complete with a sneeze guard.

And due to the ubiquity of the internet, all of the neighbors were expecting us, and came over for coffee. They weren't really having coffee with us, as we were moving, but they were all gathered around a table in our kitchen.

Photo was taken this morning. It snowed all night, and hasn't let up. The snow is sliding off the roof of our house, but the studio building (pictured) isn't heated, so the snow isn't moving, and it's making me nervous. I may see if I can rake some snow off the lower edge and get it moving, but I'm worried about disturbing the even distribution of the weight. The building is about 400 square feet, and the snow depth is about two feet.

Currently all three of the major passes that connect eastern Washington with western Washington are closed. Good times!