15 January 2011

Always, always good for a laugh

Holy cow, I seriously thought I wrote a post last night, but it doesn't appear to be anywhere. I was so tired; it's entirely possible I either fell asleep in the midst of writing it and then accidentally discarded the draft or that I just dreamed it.

I do recall that I was intending to recap my week, which included:

--a cancelled dental appointment
--finishing the back of a cardigan I'm knitting
--reading 40% of The Art of Racing in the Rain, by Garth Stein
--a blood donation
--a big wipeout on the ice (tailbone and pride bruised)
--five trips to the gym (this is normal)
--homemade pizza
--nagging the kid to practice his saxophone
--reading the text of, and subsequently watching, the PotUS's exceptional speech
--about a 47 hour work week (I had Wednesday afternoon off)
--ordering a new washing machine
--syncing apps between iPhone & iTunes without incident

It was a reasonably productive week, and interesting enough. I have a couple of great coworkers, I love my family and friends, I pursue my avocations, and I have ways of dealing with stress. Even with a bit of crazy-making nonsense thrown in for good measure...things are alright.

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