19 January 2011

Monday in sheep's clothing

The pocketed bulletin board in my office at home.

MLK Day is my favorite federal holiday, but the day after is brutal. Both in terms of work load and in terms of the public's views regarding our having had it off.

I don't discount the quality of my job: it's crazymaking at times, but I have good benefits and a reasonable family wage.

HOWEVER, dearest public, must you begrudge me a day off *without pay* when my normal workweek is Monday through Saturday? I believe that sort of thing is typically referred to as a "weekend," and most of y'all have them on a regular basis. Is it really so odious that we have 5 of them per year? (The other five holidays are date specific, and may or may not be adjacent to Sunday.)

A great number of postal employees are what is called "part-time flexible." This can be the case even if you work well over 40 hours a week, as I typically do. PTFs do not have a set schedule, are not guaranteed any hours beyond 2 per pay period, and do not get paid holidays. We do have health benefits, and sick and vacation leave.

I'm not asking for sympathy here, I'm just politely requesting that I not be berated for having the occasional day off without pay.


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