09 July 2008

well, hi.

I am just about recovered. From carrying mail in the heat, from freezing to death on the 4th of July (NOT FAIR), from waiting impatiently for Guitar Hero: Aerosmith to arrive.

I am still sadly lacking in all enthusiasm, but I think it's because I need a break, which I will get in a few weeks.

And then, sometime, there will be an extra break, because at the FREEZING COLD FOURTH OF JULY EVENT, we somehow won a raffle prize for three days on the ocean. I didn't even know that the boys had purchased a ticket until the kid called me to tell me WE WON.

That's all for now.


Lala said...

Since R has abandoned me for, like, forever, she has promised that wehn she gets paid for her zillions of hours of extra work we can get Rock Band. Yay! Rock Band!
It's not a motorcycle, (required for my upcoming midlife crisis) but it's something.

greta said...

three days at the OCEAN??? Oh you SO deserve that!
YAY, youse guys!