20 July 2008

new saddle

I haven't been completely happy with the saddle that came on my bike--it looked pretty good, but it wasn't that comfortable, and I wasn't that impressed by the quality of whatever synthetic the cover was made from.

I considered replacing it with one of many beautiful Brooks saddles, in part because they are what the original saddle was emulating. However, I decided that paying upwards of $100 for a new saddle was not what I needed to be doing right now. Not that they are not worth the price: on the balance, I think that they probably are.

Color was a consideration, because I just don't see a black saddle on my bike, and there aren't that many other options. This saddle is orange, but it's subtle enough to fall into the honey-colored leather spectrum. It's a synthetic with a nice feel, and an embossed flower print. The look of it on my bike isn't perfect, but it's nice enough, and I think I'll get used to it. Test ride says it's quite comfortable, though I'm probably going to be monkeying with the positioning for a while yet.

Also: Wall-E. AMAZING.

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Emily said...

The thing that tipped me over into the Brooks cult? A test ride on one. It was head and shoulders above any other saddle I'd tried.

(ymmv since your pelvis is not my pelvis)

I think Brooks probably loses a fair bit of business since more riders can't just *try* the saddle without buying it. It sounds pretty absurd to pay $100 for a saddle. Since I'd tried one and knew it was better, it was much easier to justify.