13 July 2008

hey, I'm supposed to be paying bills. time to blog!

(insert annoyance about small, time-consuming aggravations here)


I dragged my family to the farmer's market today. I went by myself last week, but harassed them to come with me today. I bought organic carrots, chioggia beets, and bing cherries, and possibly organic, but very, very local potatoes, peas, onions, and lettuce. Local as in 25 miles away, tops. When we got home, I cleaned what needed cleaning, cut things up, shelled the peas. Weirdly (or not), it's much easier to attend to that sort of thing when you just bought the veggies from the person who grew them. The kid helped me with the peas, even though he refuses to eat them.

Yesterday, I made grissini. Again with the connections sort of thing, the recipe I used came to me via one of the letter carriers in the office, who had brought it in from one of the older ladies on his route. I am not a great baker (cf too-doughy pizza dough, and rock-hard loaves of bread), but I have been wanting to give it a shot for awhile now. And it worked! For what it's worth, I accomplished this on a day when a saner person would NOT have turned on the oven...

Weekly mileage: 49.04, BAT/KAT trips 13

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