31 March 2008

there's hope.

BIG picture of little flowers, because that's all we've got, people. I could post some of my extreme snow pics from January for the purpose of comparing and contrasting, but I am still traumatized.

It was right cold this morning, so I drove to work, but rode my bike back from lunch, and then home from work. Ride home from work was brisk and invigorating--without the pedal assist, it would have been just miserable and cold.

Also, I am a good sport--guy passed me going up Swimming Pool Hill, and I had the pedal assist switched on. I rationalized that he is at least 6 inches taller than I am, and this probably wasn't his second ride of the season. And he commented on my bike as he passed, and I've seen him around enough to guess that his "nice bike" was sincere.

And, hallelujah, Schrader valves. I must have some defective programming, because I can't fill a tube with a Presta valve to save my life. Plus, it's handy to be able to fill at a gas station, and the compressors are only compatible with the Schraders. This is a serious, stupid issue, so much so that I had the rims of my Bianchi drilled out so I could change the tubes. No need for drastic measures this time.

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Lala said...

I can't operate prestas either. It doesn't help that my good floor pump at home is only schrader. I keep adaptors on the actual valves for when I need to pump up the tires - my rims are so narrow I'm pretty sure I'd end up with ex-wheels if I drilled them out.