29 March 2008

new ride

After almost a year of waiting*, I bought my 2008 Schwinn Campus Electric on Thursday from John at Roslyn Cyclery. After that much anticipation, taking it for a spin was like going on a strange, awkward blind date. (A nice, strange, awkward blind date, but still.) First ride was home (to get my helmet), and back to the shop.

Unlike the photo on Schwinn's site, the bike is not black. It's a nice, sparkly rootbeer brown, and the integrated rack and battery pack are silver, not black. Due to the fact that it's STILL SNOWING here, I haven't had a proper ride yet. Tomorrow, maybe.

(*We weren't able to get a 2007 when they came on the market last year. We ordered one for shipment in October, but they were delayed due to manufacturing issues with the throttle/pedal-assist mode. I may have the particulars wrong, but the bikes had to be reconfigured for the US market. In Europe (and elsewhere, I suppose), there is a throttle that allows for electric-only riding. Here, if you don't pedal, you don't go, and if you go above 15-17 mph, the motor cuts out.)

Photos to come. John says he thinks mine is the first in Washington State. :)

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