30 March 2008


I was reading this comment thread.

Obviously, it does no good to post to a comment thread that's a couple of years old, but for me, I'll just point out the following:

1) I can ride a bike, and am perfectly willing to do so. I rode my Bianchi almost every day from April or May until October last year, i.e. until it got too slippery and dark to do so safely. (I have to be at work by 7:15 am.)

2) I don't see having the pedal assist available as having a way to "avoid" anything. I'm not a desk jockey, and am on my feet for 9+ hours at work. I carried mail yesterday, and the pedometer I wore said I walked 7 miles. I can almost always ride TO work, but the thought of getting back home, which is uphill, and often against a 15-30 mph headwind can be daunting, to say the least.

3) Options that get us out of our cars are *always* good.

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