30 March 2008

picture this

This is my ride. Front and rear wheel have fenders, the shifters are twist grip (which took some getting used to), and the battery is stored under the rear rack. I'll post photos of some of the components later, but I've already done today's stint as the neighborhood freak, taking pics of my bike in the front yard.

One thing to note is that it has a 17" frame, which is the only size currently available. It's great for me, but I have the seat post extended to about 3/4 of its maximum height, and I'm only 5'9" with a relatively short inseam. In other words, this bike probably wouldn't work for tall folk.

This afternoon, I ran to the hardware store and back, which is a round trip of about six miles. Coming home is the same route as if I were returning from work, so I got to test the pedal assist against the wind and the up. It's not a free ride, by any stretch, but I switched between on and off to gauge the difference, and there was a definite (and helpful) boost. In particular, there is a bear of a hill going up to my house, and on my regular pedal bike, I usually end up walking up the last third, even if I stand up. Today, I still had to put it in granny gear, but I made it to the top, and stayed seated.

1 comment:

greta said...

What an adorable ride!
Glad to hear the pedal assist is of some *help*
although I'm just shaking my head at the haters...
Can't we all just get along? ;)