09 April 2008

windy and cold.

My biggest challenge in riding to work is...riding TO work. I think it was about 30 degrees when I got there this morning. When I'm scheduled to be in at 6:30, as I am this week, I am sadly lacking in motivation. Actually, figuring out a coffee set-up will help, but 30 degrees + o'dark-thirty + no caffeine is not really feasible.

However, if I have an hour, or sometimes longer, for lunch, I will ride back to work and then home. That's what I did today, and the wind was an excellent reminder of why I got this bike. With the pedal assist on, it was still harder than riding in the highest gear with it off on flat terrain without wind. I'm really pleased with how the assist mode functions--it doesn't take over so much that you lose the fun of riding a bike, it just makes it a lot more fun in more challenging conditions, or when you're tired.

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