17 October 2008


Columbus Day is a minor annual holiday for me; a day on which I take myself off on an adventure someplace. Alone. This year, I drove north to Leavenworth, a kind of kitschy Bavarian-themed tourist town. I managed to get my hair trimmed (a major achievement), wandered around a lot, bought only a couple of balls of yarn, and rode my bike* on the rather excellent city trails that parallel the river.

I enjoy monkeying around with the self-timer, although I tend to try to avoid being observed....

*Bianchi, not the electric. It did quite well on the trail, even though I had to switch to the road tires. I dismounted briefly three times--once for loose gravel, once for big rocks, and once for mud.


greta said...

oh you had me worried with that title!
Looks like a fabulous adventure...

Anonymous said...

Kitchy? It's actually pronounced "kitschik", meaning tacky or cheesy in common Bavarian dialects. Though I appreciate the pretty picture you provided in your short narrative and the observations you made concerning our beautiful surroundings, I have to take issue with the kitschik community you are referring to. Please know that we take great pride in our authentic Bavarian village, and are hurt by your negative comments about our home. I'm hoping that you'll take opportunities to meet people on the trails you ride in Leavenworth and ask them about our community history. Thanks for visiting us and hopfully we'll see you again soon?