21 September 2008

the awesome allure

of items that aren't in commercial production yet, and which I probably could not afford if they were. But cool!

I rode only half my normal distance on Friday, and about two-thirds of it on Saturday. On Friday, at the conclusion of a week in which I worked many hours, and had only one lunch break, I went out back to get a piece of equipment and noticed that my rear tire was flat. Three little letters would express my reaction to that, and I'll leave you to guess which three. I don't carry a frame pump (yeah, I probably should), and fixing it on the spot would have been a pain anyway, so I called for backup. When we arrived home, I left the bike on the bike rack, using it as sort of a pseudo shop stand. I used the bathtub method to find the leak, patched it, and all was well with my biking world again. On Saturday, it just happened that my family passed me on my way home--they were returning from a soccer game. So they stopped to pick me up.

This slayed me.


greta said...

wow! Want one of THOSE!
You come up with the kewlest linkage!
Rode my townie to get my mail everyday this week,
in your honor...

Lala said...

"She did not go to some √Člite Ivy League college, which I also did not. Her and me, actually, did not go to the very same Ivy League school."

Actually, her and me, we actually DID not go to the very same Ivy League school. We both attended University of Idaho, and overlapped by a year. There were some of the scariest christians you could find outside of the Inquisition.

Em said...

You SO need that vest speed demon!

Derek broke the speed limit in town on his bike the other day. We're having fun here.