18 June 2008


I had a two hour lunch break today, so I rode home. My coworker was having a memorable birthday, and dinner plans were being formulated, but weren't perfectly clear yet, so I rode my Bianchi back to work, figuring it was easier to a) leave at work or b) throw in the back of somebody else's rig if need be. (It's MUCH lighter than the e-bike.)

It turned out that dinner wasn't until 6:30, leaving me time to go home and change into civilian clothes if I scammed a ride. I did, with the birthday guy, and we picked up a (known, local) hitchhiker, who rode in the bed of the truck with my bike.

Dinner was fun; large sombreros were worn. Not by me; though that might be on the horizon in a few months...


Anonymous said...

Oct 15th and I'm wondering if you could post an update on the state of your e-bike. I'm thinking of getting this model. Battery still good? How many miles logged? Also, how long is your commute and how tall are you? Sorry if you already posted the vitals, but a quick scan of your blog and I didn't see anything.


Anonymous said...

Part 2 I'm back online. I found the beginning of your blog and I now know your height :) Would still like an update.