15 June 2008

my electric ride was rode this week.

Except for that one day when it snowed. But Monday, and Wednesday-Saturday, I rode. If I go straight to work and back, my round trip is 7.67 miles. If I ride to lunch somewhere, it's 8.13-10. If I add errands, it's another half-mile to mile. I forgot to note my beginning and ending mileage, but my total for the week was about 40, and I rolled the odometer past 200. I'm trying to figure out what a good yearly goal would be. Whatever I decide, proper clothing will be key to making it happen. I have been pretty disciplined about riding--my standard rule is that if I'm not going to, I need a specific, concrete reason that is better than "I don't feel like it." However, even with the electric assist, the wind kicks my behind, and even if it it's not that cold otherwise, the stiff "breeze" can make for a chilly ride.

In other important news, we got to borrow Guitar Hero III for the Wii this weekend, and oh my goodness, I rock. I realize that the Guitar Hero franchise has no shortage of positive reviews, but I was amazed at how much crazy fun it is. Obviously, it's not exactly equivalent of playing the guitar, but there is real musical value to it--you have to listen for the guitar melody within the full song, you need the same types of fingering skills (even if there are differences), and you need to find and keep the beat. I beat the game on easy mode, but I probably will have to get a copy of our own so that I can conquer medium, difficult, and expert modes. I will also need a timer, because it is a giant, fun time suck.


Emily said...

Rock Band is an even bigger timesuck...

I have a rough mileage goal, but it's more meant to remind me to ride my bike than anything else.

Lala said...

I finished Guitar Hero (on the PS2) on easy in one evening, but got tripped up on the higher levels because when I got lost following what was on the screen I did what I always do, which is play by ear. Unfortunately, what you're supposed to do doesn't exactly match what's played (on intermediate they flub the timing a lot, for example).

I am waiting for a friendly millionaire to buy me a ps3 and Rock Band. I can finally realize my dream of not sucking at drums!