13 May 2008

radar. bring it.

New toys. I got a blinky, and an adjustable water bottle cage, and a bike computer. Took me a while to get the magnet that cues the computer's sensor installed last night, and I cut my hand doing it, but today I had stats. It took me 12 minutes and 44 seconds to get to work, and about 18 minutes to get home. My average speed over the course of the round trip was 14.9 mph, and my top speed was (on a downhill) 29.4 mph. I rode 7.68 miles. Note that the 29.4 mph was on a stretch of road where the actual speed limit is 25, so bugger off, you pesky cars. I'm speeding.


greta said...

woohoo for kewl gadgets!

Em said...

Somewhere a cop is hitting his radar gun right now. "29? There's just no way! This thing has to be broken!"

You rock!

Hubby installed my computer today too and I promptly did something to make it stop working. Grrr...